Saturday, November 15, 2008

ARCA's Li Delei and Disgraced Former Beijing Vice Mayor Liu Zhihua

According to reports from several weeks ago announcing the proceedings in disgraced former vice mayor of Beijing Liu Zhihua's trial, Li Delei of ARCA was implicated in Liu's shenanigans because Li sent bribes to Liu via Liu's son in Canada for better treatment on loans for ARCA's building.

This sage of course goes way back to June 2006 when ARCA's problems first came to light--just at the same time that Liu Zhihua was arrested. Basically, ARCA reportedly took money from the government to do research on "China's CPU" but stopped doing CPU research while not reporting to the government that it had stopped doing the research. What is remarkable is Li Delei never seemed to get in trouble with the authorities over this and, more remarkable still, thus far Li Delei has escaped from any potential fallout from Liu's Oct. 18 guilty verdict, which included the count of bribery involving Li Delei detailed above.

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